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Lineart: 5 points
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Vampire Transformations
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Werewolf Transformations
Lineart: 5 points
Color: 10 points
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Shade: 30 points

Newest Deviations

Star's Adventures of Shrek Ch. 2
Chapter 2
*Shrek prepares to dine alone. Donkey looks on from, lays down on Shrek's doorsteps. Donkey watches the SITPS Warriors sleep with their sleeping bags. Shrek is sitting at the table eating, when he hear a noise. It sounds like his door opening*
Shrek: (calling) I thought I told you all to stay outside
Donkey: (calling from outside) We are outside!
*Shrek hears skittering. A shadow flits by. He spins to look. Suddenly, there is a crash and he whips around to see Three Blind Mice stumbling around on his dinner table. Mouse 1 gestures as he speaks, knocking over Shrek's jar of eyeballs*
Mouse 1: Well gents, it's a far cry from the farm, but what choice do we have?
Mouse 2: Well, it's not home but it'll do just fine
*Mouse 1 trips and falls flat on his face. Shrek gasps and starts toward the table. Mouse 2 walks up to Shrek's ear wax candle. Mouse 3 bounces on Shrek's squid*
Mouse 3: What a lovely bed!
Shrek: (he grabs the third mice) Gotcha!
Mouse 3: (sniffs) I found some cheese
:iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 0 0
My Family Hated Me by NicktoonsAnimes My Family Hated Me :iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 0 3 Contest: Viki The Hedgehog by NicktoonsAnimes Contest: Viki The Hedgehog :iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 2 2 Star The Werewolf (lineart) by NicktoonsAnimes Star The Werewolf (lineart) :iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 0 0
SSAoMHoV Prologue
Star Sunset's Adventures of Mickey's House of Villains
*Our story begins, our heroes wearing their halloween costumes. Everyone was excited about our Halloween on October 31 everyear, candies, make scare the children of their pranks, scary stories and even a halloween party at night. We see Star and her mon help put her makeup with some fake werewolf ears, fangs and claws. Her dad gives her werewolf costume, and she puts it on her whole body, feeling like transformation. Thanks to her parents helping her put her makeup on and puts her costume on*
Star: (to her parents, smile on her face) Mom, Dad? Thanks for helping me put my makeup on and that costume, it looks great
Melissa Sunset: (to Star) Your welcome, sweetie
Jackson Sunset: So, Akira. You ready to go on Halloween Party night with your friends?
Star: (joyful) Yeah! I'll go tell my friends that I'm a werewolf! Whooo!
*As everyone ready for the halloween night, Star opens the door with her parents*
Star: (joy) Hey, guys! (
:iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 1 0
Star The Vampire by NicktoonsAnimes Star The Vampire :iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 4 0
Star Sunset/Akira Sakuda's Family Relatives
Sonic The Hedgehog (Brother Hedgehog)
Shadow The Hedgehog (Brother Hedgehog)
Miles "Tails" Prower (Brother Fox)
Amy Rose (Sister Hedgehog)
Sheriff Woody Pride (Cousin)
Jessie The Yodeling Cowgirl (Cousin)
Bullseye (Family Pet)
Ask Ketchum (Cousin)
Pikachu (Pokemon Family Pet)
Danny Phantom (Cousin)
Jack Fenton (Uncle)
Maddie Fenton (Aunt)
Ace Bunny (Step Brother)
Lexi Bunny (Step Sister)
Danger Duck (Step Brother)
Slam Tasmanian Devil (Step Brother)
Tech E. Coyote (Step Brother)
Rev Runner (Step Brother)
SpongeBob SquarePants (Nicktoon Brother)
Patrick Star (Nicktoon Brother)
Sandy Cheeks (Nicktoon Sister)
Melissa Sunset (Mother)
Jackson Sunset (Father)
Lucario (Pokemon Family Pet)
Son Goku (Cousin)
Captain Li Shang (Cousin-in-Law)
Mulan (cousin)
Mushu (Family Pet)
Cri-Kee (Family Pet)
Jackie Chan (Cousin)
Jade Chan (Cousin)
Uncle Chan (Uncle)
More to come...
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Happy Birthday, JHMirda! by NicktoonsAnimes Happy Birthday, JHMirda! :iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 2 0 Matt Todd (2017 Update) by NicktoonsAnimes Matt Todd (2017 Update) :iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 2 0 Star's Nightmare (WIP) by NicktoonsAnimes
Mature content
Star's Nightmare (WIP) :iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 0 0
Lucy Taylor by NicktoonsAnimes Lucy Taylor :iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 1 0
Star's Adventures of Shrek Ch: 1
Star's Adventures of Shrek Ch: 1
*A stream of light cuts through the darkness illuminating a beautiful but worn book. The book opens revealing a picture of lovely princess running over a field with a fairly-tale castle in the background*
Shrek: (Narrating) Once upon of time, there was lovely princess. (The next page reveals the princess in silhouette with a suggestion of some kind of magic force surrounding her). But she had an enchantment upon her of a fearful sort, which could only be broken by love's first kiss. (Turn the page to reveal a castle protected by a dragon) She was locked away in a castle, guarded by a terrible, fire breathing dragon. (Next page shows knights being attacked by the dragon) Many brave knights had attempted to free her from this dreadful prison, but none prevailed. (Turn the page to reveal the princess sleeping under a canopied bed in a chamber similar to Sleepy Beauty) She waited in the Dragon's Keep, in the highest room of the tallest tower, for her
:iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 1 0
Silver x Blaze (Contest 2017) by NicktoonsAnimes Silver x Blaze (Contest 2017) :iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 6 2
Star's Adventures of Shrek Prologue
*Our story begins, a dark cloud appears. We see Star as her Sentai Patrol Warrior Ram Green and Black Star in the middle of the sword graveyard*
Black Star: (evil chuckled) I know I seen your been stronger. Now, (she takes out her dark sword and attack her) Now, let me show you how your stronger can really do!
*As she begins to attack, Star use her warrior spirit sword to attack her evil alternate. She was disappeared. Black Star start to attack her, slashing in different directions. She uses her fist send to the air, then she kicks her right the stomach til falls to the ground. Star change back into her human form from fighting in pain and bruised*
Patrol Warrior Ram Green: (being kick her stomach by Black Star) AAARRGHH! (falling to the ground and it transform back into human form, pain and bruised)
Star: (panting) I... am.. not... giving.... up... (groans, almost losing her unconsious)
Black Star: (smirk evily) Hmph! You think can really defeat, do you? Well, it's time to end this.
:iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 2 0
[Art Trade] GokuCooper2222 by NicktoonsAnimes [Art Trade] GokuCooper2222 :iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 1 2 Warrior Spirit Sword by NicktoonsAnimes Warrior Spirit Sword :iconnicktoonsanimes:NicktoonsAnimes 1 0


Devious Journal Entry
17/10/2017    COMMISSION OPEN !


Hi !
For the first time, I decide to do comission !
This journal will be update each month for the availability of commissions, requests and artrades
Here is the list of the prices, for the payment, I accept paypal / DApoints / Cheque (for french users only) & for others way, just ask me :3
I only do traditionnal stuff because it's the only way I've experimented for the moment !

Your project :

♦ I can draw feral animals, anthros, humans, machines (planes, cars, tanks) and a lot of other things ^^
I need a character sheet or a photo reference or at least a detailled description of your project
♦ I can't draw chibi, realistic portrait or real personnalities cause I'm not skilled for that !
I reserve the right to refuse a project for ethical or personal reasons !
:icondraggane:draggane 3 8
My favorite movies by PowerMaster14 My favorite movies :iconpowermaster14:PowerMaster14 9 29
Nafster's Halloween Bash! [Slots Open~!]
It seems like Nafster decided to have a party for Halloween, and you were invited! The postcard was done up quite well to, seems like he went as far as to take on the look of a witch woman as well! The invitation had him (or her, rather) sitting on a broom complete with witch hat and a smirk into the camera and a wink. There would be all sorts of fun, refreshments, baked goods, and games! So come to Nafster's Halloween Bash to enjoy a night like no other! 
If you want to take part in this special Halloween story, please submit a character (no reference is needed, simply a name and description) in the comments below as well as transformations you are not comfortable with (the more you are fine with the more likely I'll choose you!) and you'll be eligible to enter! This is NOT a first come first serve basis, and the order of importance in which I will consider is friend > watcher > viewer. This does not mean you need to be in the above to get picked, I'll choose the ones
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 4 95
Halloween Commissions (And Contest)
What your Character in a costume????
Here's your chance to have a spooky Halloween costume.
One character in costume would be $6 ($3 per added Character)/400 points (100 point per added Character)
Something like this:  (note Backgrounds would be extra, depending on how much work it would be.
 You want a party???
Well it would be $10/ 800 points for 4 Characters (background same as previously stated.)
If you want a Halloween Commission, please send a Note saying "Halloween Commission" in the subject title.
This will continue until October 30
As for a Contest, one person will have a free commission of their one self in a costume, with background included.
How to win it?
Just write in the comment, "Spooky Halloween" and I will randomly pick the winner. This will go on till the 29th and announce it the next day.
And as a added bonus, they with have it drawn LIVE in a Livestream I will host on Halloween.
There might be a ch
:iconvcm1824:vcm1824 3 13
CROSSOVER - Ace Bunny (Sonic Style) by Harmony--Bunny CROSSOVER - Ace Bunny (Sonic Style) :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 16 4
Mature content
And his name is Misfit :iconpookyhorse:pookyhorse 16 16
Playtime by suthnmeh Playtime :iconsuthnmeh:suthnmeh 150 76 El Vampiro by DKCissner El Vampiro :icondkcissner:DKCissner 318 101 Bo's Somewhere Out There by xxChels922xx Bo's Somewhere Out There :iconxxchels922xx:xxChels922xx 359 122 I will go together! by Green-Kco I will go together! :icongreen-kco:Green-Kco 119 18
Ship our OCs (requests-open)
Similar to my last journal, but yeah
i want to ship ocs for fun
it doesn't have to be a canon ship, but it's just for fun <:
so go ahead and post an oc down below with their preference !! (orientation)
art will be traditional
:icongaesthetic:gaesthetic 7 7
Goretober 2017
Feel free to use this yourself
1. Bites
2. Doll
3. Split
4. Music box
5. Medical
6. Torture
7. Decapitation  
8. Insects
9. Yandere
10. Plant growth/fungus
11. Conjoined/fused
12. Paranoia Goretober day 12, Paranoia by TheSparkledash
13. Crooked
14. (self)-cannibalism
15. Teeth
16. Fairytale
17. Cyborg
18. Amputation
19. Extra limbs
20. Eyes
21. Circus
22. suffication
23. Underwater
24. Glitch
25. Fall
26. Surreal
27. Mini
28. Spikes
29. Beaten/bruised
30. Candy
31. Poison
:iconthesparkledash:TheSparkledash 7 1
Woody by spidyphan2 Woody :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 7 4 Bad Misfit by pookyhorse
Mature content
Bad Misfit :iconpookyhorse:pookyhorse 23 26
Misfit is hungry for blood by pookyhorse Misfit is hungry for blood :iconpookyhorse:pookyhorse 15 19 Dangle a spell.. by pookyhorse Dangle a spell.. :iconpookyhorse:pookyhorse 20 15



Chapter 2

*Shrek prepares to dine alone. Donkey looks on from, lays down on Shrek's doorsteps. Donkey watches the SITPS Warriors sleep with their sleeping bags. Shrek is sitting at the table eating, when he hear a noise. It sounds like his door opening*

Shrek: (calling) I thought I told you all to stay outside

Donkey: (calling from outside) We are outside!

*Shrek hears skittering. A shadow flits by. He spins to look. Suddenly, there is a crash and he whips around to see Three Blind Mice stumbling around on his dinner table. Mouse 1 gestures as he speaks, knocking over Shrek's jar of eyeballs*

Mouse 1: Well gents, it's a far cry from the farm, but what choice do we have?

Mouse 2: Well, it's not home but it'll do just fine

*Mouse 1 trips and falls flat on his face. Shrek gasps and starts toward the table. Mouse 2 walks up to Shrek's ear wax candle. Mouse 3 bounces on Shrek's squid*

Mouse 3: What a lovely bed!

Shrek: (he grabs the third mice) Gotcha!

Mouse 3: (sniffs) I found some cheese

*Mouse 3 takes a bite of Shrek's ear, Shrek tries to grab the third mice*

Mouse 3: (disgusted) Bleach! Awful stuff!

*The third mice stumble around as he jumps from Shrek to a spoon, catapulting food into Shrek's face*

Mouse 1: Is that you, Gordo?

Mouse 3: How did you know?

*Shrek suddenly scoops the Three Blind Mice off the table*

Shrek: Enough! What are you doing in my house?!

*As Shrek turns to throw them out, he's hit by something from behind. Startled, Shrek drops the Three Blind Mice and they escape past the Seven Dwarfs who gave just shoved Snow White in her glass coffin, onto the table* 

Shrek: Hey!

*The dwarf looks up and meet Shrek's eyes just as Shrek turns to the table*

Shrek: Oh no, no, no, no dead broad off the table!

*Shrek shoves the sarcophagus back at the dwarfs*

Dwarf: Where are we supposed to put her? The bed's taken!

Shrek: Huh?

*Confused Shrek rushes across the room and opens the bedroom door, revealing the Big Bad Wolf dressed in a nightie in Shrek's bed. Shrek stares in shock*

Big Bad Wolf: (beat) What?

*Shrek dragged the Big Bad Wolf by the scruff of the neck*

Shrek: I live in a swamp! I put up signs! I'm a terrifying ogre! (yells) What do I have to do get a little PRIVACY!!

*Shrek goes to throw the Big Bad Wolf out the front door. As he opens the door we rack focus over his shoulder to a teeming sea of creatures. Truck in on Shrek's face as he begins to register what he sees*

Shrek: Oh no! Oh no! No, no, NOOOO!!!

*Shocked and overwhelmed, Shrek is about to yell at the crowd when he is started by a powerful roar, like approaching jets*

Shrek: (diving for cover) AHHHH!!!

*Shrek hits the dirt as witches on broomsticks land like fighting pilots. An intense elf wearing ear protectors guides the airbornes hags in with signal flags. Shrek rises*

Shrek: (whispers) What?!

*A woodstock-like morases of fairytale creatures have filled the swamp. Refugee tents are everywhere; the Pied Piper camp with his rats, next to the Old Lady who lives in a shoe and her brood. The Three Bears huddle around a campfire with several of Santa's elves. Everywhere dwarves, fairies and unicorns have grouped around fires. The swamp is packed to the rafters*

Shrek: (strugged and frustrated) WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP!!!! (echos)

*Desperate to get the creatures off his land, Shrek tries to around them up as they run around in terror. The effort is futile; there are too many. Frustrated, Shrek's glare finds Donkey and the SITPS Warriors*

Shrek: (orders) Alright, get out of here! All of you, MOVE IT! Come on, let's go. Hapaya! Hapaya! Hey! No, no, no, not there. Not there! (Shrek tries to open the door, but it's locked, with a deep sigh)

Donkey: Hey, don't look at us! We didn't invite them

*Pinocchio is volunteered by a shove from behind*

Pinocchio: Well gosh, no one invited us

*Shrek wheels on him, intent on getting to the bottom of this*

Shrek: (incredulous) What?!

Pinocchio: (frightened) We were forced to come here

Shrek: By who?

Pig: (german accent) Lord Farquaad! He huffed, und he puffed, und he-- signed an envictin notice

*His brothers nod their agreement*

Shrek: (sighs) All right. (telling the fairytale creatures who is Lord Farquaad) Who knows where this... Farquaad guy is?

Donkey: (hopping up and down) Oh, I do! I know where he is!

Shrek: Does anymore else know where to find him? Anyone at all. Anyone?

*Characters point in different directions. Donkey continues to leap up into Shrek's P.O.V*

Donkey: Me! Me! Oh! Oh! Pick me! Oh I know, I know. Me, Me

Shrek: (sighs) Okay, fine. (yells) Attention all... fairytale things!

*The creatures falls intonan uneasy silence*

Shrek: Do not get comfortable. Your welcome is officially worn out. In fact, I'm gonna see this guy Farquaad right now, and get you all off my land and back where you came from!

Crowd: (cheered and clapping) Yaaaayyyyyy!

*Like Munchkins surrounding Dorothy, the fairytale characters cheer and celebrate Shrek as their hero. Birds drape the annoyed ogre in garlands. Shrek rolls his eyes*

Shrek: (utterly frusted growl) Ugh! You! (he points at Donkey) You're coming wih me. And you too all! (points at Star and her team) You're coming with us

Ace: (to Shrek with delighted) I like the way so said that, Doc

*Delighted to be included, Donkey stamps his feet in glee*

Donkey: Alright, that's what we like to hear, man- Shrek, Donkey and the SITPS Warriors, all of us stalwart friends off on a whirlwind, big city adventure. We love it!

Star: Alright, guys. Let's go to adventure!!!!

Everyone: (unison) Yeah!!!

*Donkey and the SITPS Warriors catches up to Shrek as he takes off in search of Lord Farquaad and dances along side as they exit the swamp*

Donkey: (singing) On the road again... Sing it with ,Shrek. I can't wait to get on the road again...

Shrek: (he grabs his flower hat with his hand) What did I say about singing?

Donkey: Well, can I whistle?

Shrek: No

Donkey: Well, can I hum it?

Shrek: Alright. Humming

*Donkey continues to hum as they head into the forest to start their journey. Close on, a glass of mike being poured. A torturer. Intercut with the large as life Lord Farquaad striding in slow motion through the halls of DuLoc Castle. Lord Farquaad enters, the torturer has his back to us*

Gingy: No!!! Ahhhh! Bbbblbbblbbbl!

Lord Farquaad: (to his torturer man) That's enough. He's ready to talk

*The torturer spins around revealing he has been torturing a Gingy. Close on the table, as Gingy is throwndown on a cooking tray*

Gingy: (coughs, hack)

*Lord Farquaad strolls up to the executioner, revealing that he is only about four-and-a-half feet tall. He approaches a table in the center of the room, his hat just visible above the table*

Lord Farquaad: (mocking) Run, run, runmas fast as you can, you can't catch me-- I'm the Gingerbread Man!

Gingy: You're a monster!

Lord Farquaad: I'm not monser here, you are. You and the rest of the fairy poisoning my perfect world. Now me, where the others?

Gingy: Eat me Pttoop (he spits milk in Lord Farquaad's face. Lord Farquaad slowly wipes it off*

Lord Farquaad: (through clenched teeth) I've tried to be fair to you creatures, now my patience had reached it's end-- tell me or I'll...

*Lord Farquaad leans over, reaching for Gingy's buttons*

Gingy: No! Not the buttons. Not my gumdrop buttoms!

Lord Farquaad: Alright then, who's hiding them?

Gingy: (broken) Okay... I'll tell you. Do you know the Muffin Man?

Lord Farquaad: The Muffin Man?

Gingy: The Muffin Man

Lord Farquaad: Yes, I know the Muffin Man. Who lives on Drury Lane?

Gingy: Well, she's married to the Muffin Man

Lord Farquaad: The Muffin Man?!

Gingy: (screaming) THE MUFFIN MAN!

Lord Farquaad: (thoughtful, to himself) She's marrried to the Muffin Man...

*The dungeon doors burst open suddenly and Captain appears*

Captain of the Guards: (to Lord Farquaad) My Lord, we found it

Lord Farquaad: (eagerly) Then, what are you waiting for? Bring it in!!!

*The guards hang a shrouded figure from a chair. Whoosh! They pull the cover off, revealing an ornate; full-sized mirror. A terrified face appears in the mirror*

Everyone: (unison) Ahhhh...

Gingy: Woooaahh...

Lord Farquaad: Magic Mirror


*Lord Farquaad violently swipes Gingy from the table into a metal flip-top wast bin*

Gingy: No! Ahhh!!! Ah!

*Lord Farquaad turns to the Magic Mirror ominously, then smiles*

Lord Farquaad: (brightly) Evening! (he approaches the mirror) Mirror, mirror, on the wall, is this not the most perfect kingdom of them all?

Magic Mirror: Well, technically you're not a king

Lord Farquaad: Uh, Thelonius...

*Thelonius holds up a small hand mirror and crushes it. Mirror catches his own mistake*

Lord Farquaad: You were saying...

Magic Mirror: (scrambling, trying to cover) What I mean is you're not a king yet... but you can become one. All you have to do is marry a princess

*Lord Farquaad glares, Thelonius leans in, menacically* 

Lord Farquaad: Go on

Magic Mirror: (game show host) So just sit back and relax my lord, because it's time for you to meet today's eligibate bachelorettes, and... heeeerreee they are!

*Herb Alpert's Tijuama Taxi kicks in. Mirror gestures to one side and camera pans to reveal three shadowly portraits of Cinderalla, Snow White and Princess Fiona. Portrait of Cinderalla*

Magic Mirror: Bachelorette number one is a mentally abused shut-in from a kingdom, far, far away. She likes sushi and hot tubbing-anytime! Her hobbies include cooking and cleaning for her two evil sisters! Please welcome... Cinderella!

*Light shifts revealing Cinderella. Portrait of Snow White*

Magic Mirror: Bachelorette number two is a cape wearing girl from the land of fancy. Although she lives with seven other men, she's not easy! Just kiss her frozen her dead, frozen lips and find out what a live wire she is! Come on, give it up for Snow White!

*Light pops on revealing Snow White. Portrait of Princess Fiona*

Magic Mirror: At last, but certainly not least, bachelorette number three is a fiery red-head from a dragon guarded castle, surround by hot boiling lava! But, don't let that cool you off. She's a loaded pistol, who likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. Yours for the rescuing... Princess Fiona!

*Light pops on revealing Princess Fiona*

Magic Mirror: So will it be, bachelorette number one, bachelorette number two, or bachelorette number three?

Guards: (unisons) 1,3,1,2,3,2,1,2,3,2,1,2,3,1,3,1,2,3,3,1,2!!!

Lord Farquaad: 1,2,3, um 1,3, um...

Thelonious: Three. Pick three, my lord

Lord Farquaad: Well... okay, okay, uuuhhh... number three!

Magic Mirror: Lord Farquaad, you've chosen... Princess Fiona!

*Close on the portrait of Princess Fiona as the Pina Coloda song kicks in. There is wild audience and Lord Farquaad is ecstatic. Captivated by Princess Fiona, Lord Farquaad turns away, lost in thought*

Lord Farquaad: (dreamy) Princess Fiona, she's perfect. (thinking) All I have to do is just to find someone to go...

Magic Mirror: (interrupting) But I probably should mention the little thing that happens at night...

Lord Farquaad: (to himself) I'll do it

Magic Mirror: Yes but after sunset...

Lord Farquaad: (puts a halt hand right at the Magic Mirror) Silence! I will make this Princess Fiona my queen, and DuLoc will have the perfect king! (snaps his fingers to a knight) Captain, assemble your finest men, we're going to have a tournament!

???: As am I, my lord

Lord Farquaad: Huh? Oh, hello there, your highness. What a suprised to see you. And, who are you?

Black Star: My name is... (comes out from her shadow) Black Star. And I'm coming from a different universe
Star's Adventures of Shrek Ch. 2
Our heroes are now set off an adventure to search of Lord Farquaad. As she shows up at Lord Farquaad's Castle, he tells her that her name is, Black Star. She was coming from a different universe. So she is now team up with Lord Farquaad

Black Star/Psycho Patrol Warrior Black Widow's Theme:
My Family Hated Me
I know my family couldn't understand that way when we were fighting about. Everytime my stepfather keeps calling the stupid cops! And he said "shut up" at me, even my mom. I cried really hard from no reason. They are my worst family ever, even my brother. I know it was my parents fault that they both shouldn't tell me sooner. I wish someone could confront me. Not that I was lonely just for me. (sobbing) I know that i'm a monster. and I'm really just a dumb person!:(:(:(:(:(

If you guys felt sorry for me, then put the comment below please

Art: :iconnicktoonsanimes:
Contest: Viki The Hedgehog
Woooh! I'm finally done coloring Viki The Hedgehog. I can't for contest winners by tomorrow!:D

Viki The Hedgehog belongs to :icontothviki:

Art: :iconnicktoonsanimes:
Star The Werewolf (lineart)
I been thinking that I'm making a story about Star turned into female monster. I'll do the color version before I write the story

Star and her werewolf form belongs to Me



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  • Listening to: Hallelujah
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I know I been very upset about going to school but, I missed 4 days of school. My teacher tells me that I'm going to different school. I don't really want to go the different. I hate it! That's why I got a arguement with my teacher. I know my life is hard for me. (sobbing and sniff) I really like the bell gardens high school with my teacher. Not that i don't like going to different school. My mom didn't say that. I know my mom said that I'm staying in bell gardens high school for 2 years. I'm sorry, everyone. I'm very sorry that I lost everything from doing art painting. coloring and using computer all day. I'm sorry, guys. This is all my fault


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